Crossing shelters

Sunday, 04 May 2014 21:57

Queralbs - Coma de Vaca Shelter, through Freser gorges

Distance: 8,7 Kilometers

Time: 3 hours

Height diference: +865 m, -55 m

Signals: Yellow lines o red points

Optional Peaks: Balandrau (2584 m), add 2 h 30 min to the stage.


We left the mountain-train station Queralbs and after 5 minutes down the road Ribes Freser find the Freser valley, that goes for three hours. At the bottom, the river flows through lush vegetation. In the second part, the forest is disappearing and scree path flanks with stunning aerial views of the Gorges milling. It is a magnificent mountain landscape with dazzling channels that lower peaks and Torreneules and Balandrau. Finally, at 2000 meters, the Freser Coma de Vaca valley are in the pastoral "Pla de les eugues", where we find the refuge.


Sunday, 04 May 2014 21:57

Coma de Vaca Shelter - Ulldeter Shelter, through coll de la Marrana

Distance: 6 Kilometers

Time: 3 hours

Height: +534 m, -294 m

Signals: GR (red and whites lines)

Optional Peaks: Bastiments and Gra de Fajol (2883 m and 2708 m), add 2 h to the stage.


Climb gently Freser river, in the middle of the grass, often accompanied by cows and horses. We found many beautiful flowers that adorn the high mountain meadows. Easily hear the squeak of a typical marmot see that happen to alert their companions. After an hour, right where there is a rain gauge, leaving the valley to climb arduously to the pass, between the peaks of Bastiments and Gra de Fajol. Once up, we get carried milling GR-11 to the Ulldeter refuge.


Sunday, 04 May 2014 21:57

Ulldeter Shelter - Ras du Carança Shelter, through vall de Bacivers

Distance: 7,8 Kilometers

Time: 3 hours

Heights: +369 m, -773 m

Signals: Fites and GR signals

Optional Peaks: Pic Gallinàs and Rodó (2624 m and 2677 m), add 3 h to the stage.


After 5 minutes back on the GR-11 towards the Coll de la Marrana, ski cross Vallter 2000 to fetch the Giant's pass, between the peaks Bastiments and Dona. After enjoying the view from the top of the pass, down the attractive Bacivers valley, always accompanied by his river. At the bottom, after a wooded section, find the quaint log cabin Plan Bacivers. Shortly after linking up with the GR-10 in a few minutes leads to spectacular setting where the refuge du Ras Carança.


Sunday, 04 May 2014 21:57

Ras du Carança Shelter - Coma de Vaca Shelter,  through lakes and Carança valley

Distance: 12,8 Kilometers

Time: 6 hours

Heights: +892 m, -728 m

Signals: Fitas and red points

Optional Peaks: Torreneules (2711 m), add 2 h to the stage.


We go along the river Carançà meadows and wooded areas. Cross bucolic wetlands and reach the Big Trout lake, of extraordinary beauty. It is a pleasure Carançà crosses the valley with its transparent lakes that reflect the shape of the surrounding peaks. Past Lake Blue Carançà reach the hill and crossing the GR-11, down the lonely Coma de Vaca valley. The tranquility of this valley is lovely and easily observe groups of chamois and mouflon. Finally valleys Coma de Vaca and Freser meet and come to the shelter Coma de Vaca.


Sunday, 04 May 2014 21:57

Coma de Vaca Shelter - Núria, through engineers road

Distance: 10 Kilometers

Time: 3 hores 30 min

Heights: +368 m, -410 m

Signals: GR (red and white)

Optional Peak: Puigmal (2910 m), addr 3 h 30 min to the stage


The legendary engineers road follows the steep hillside overlooking Torreneules, really magnificent. We constantly dodging needles and rocky spurs crossing channels that are lost in the depths of the gorges milling. Hole in the handrail Malinfern find a cable that will facilitate the passage in this section acrobatic. The last part of the way it is less steep and réplicas de relojes follow it over Nuria pools. Finally we reached the Vall de Nuria Sanctuary, surrounded by the highest peaks in the region.


Sunday, 04 May 2014 21:57

Núria- Queralbs , through Nuria gorges

Distance: 8 Kilometers

Time: 2 hours

Heights: +26 m, -801 m

Signals: GR


Descending along the river Nuria scored between its narrow gorges. The comfortable path along the river with constant and spectacular waterfalls. At the bottom, you will be impressed by the imposing rocky walls of Totlomón rocks,  Roc del Dui and Dents del Rosell. Finally we reach the picturesque village of Queralbs deserves a relaxing visit.


Thursday, 24 April 2014 21:31

Description: Shelter endearing in a spectacular setting. In simple shelter Ras du Carança appreciate their warmth and welcome.

Height: 1831m  Region: Alt Conflent

Facilities: Fireplace. Toilet outside the shelter. Room of 20 seats

Capacity:  30-bed dormitory with mattresses and blankets.

Services: Allotjament.Bar. Food and drinks.

Property: Fontpedrouse Town Hall


Phone: 0033988667381   


Thursday, 24 April 2014 21:31

Description: Family shelter on a bucolic surroundings. 

Height: 1995m   Region: Ripollès

Facilities: WC, showers with hot water. Heating with stoves. Movistar coverage.

Capacity: 52 people spread over three rooms 18, 24 and 10.

Services: Accommodation, bar and restaurant. Menu in the evenings.

Property: FEEC

Phone:  +34 649 229 012   +34 872 987 098

Thursday, 24 April 2014 21:31

Description: Historic shelter at the foot of the steep Gra de Fajol. 

Height:2235 m   Region: Ripollès

Facilities: Toilets, showers with hot water. Heating stoves.

Capaciy: 52 seats spread over 6.8 bedrooms and 10 people.

Services: Accommodation, bar and restaurant with daily menu. Payment by credit card. Mobile coverage.

Property: CEC. 


Phone: +34 972 192 004


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